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These directions assume you are installing GridShib-CA with version 2.0.0. If not replace all instances of 2.0.0 with the version you are actually installing.

  1. Unpack the gridshib-ca tarball and cd into the resulting directory.

    % tar xfz gridshib-ca-2-0-0.tar.gz
    % cd gridshib-ca-2.0.0

  2. Run "configure". configure takes a number of arguments, which can be viewed by running "configure --help". Assuming you are using the default paths configure should handle most of the work for you, the only help you may need to give it would be to specify the following:


    The GridShib-CA configuration files, PERL modules, basically everything that is not served by directly by Apache is stored in this directory (which should not be accessible by HTTP). The default location is /usr/local/gridshib-ca-2.0.0, but this can be overridden using this configure option.

    --with-www-user=<user name>
    --with-www-group=<group name>

    If the user name or group name that your Apache HTTPD runs under is something other than "apache" you need to tell configure this with '--with-www-user' or '--with-www-group' respectively.


    If your Apache root directory is not "/var/www/html/" then you need to tell configure this with '--with-apache-docroot'.

  3. Run "make"

    % make

  4. It's a good idea to run the tests at this point to verify things look good at this point. This should exit without errors:

    % make test

  5. As root, run "make install"

    # make install
After Installation, proceed to Configuration.