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How to build from CVS

  1. Check out the source from sourceforge:
    export CVS_RSH=ssh

    cvs -z3 co -P gridshib-ca
  2. Change directory to the top-level of the checkout:
    cd gridshib-ca

  3. Run "./". This will run the autoconf tools and generate the "configure" script.

  4. Now run "./configure" making sure you provide the "--enable-build" option.

    ./configure --enable-build

    If your keystore and keystore password are not in ~/.keystore and ~/.keystore-password respectively, you'll need to add --with-jarsigner-keystore=<path> and --with-jarsigner-password-file=<path> respectively to point the buildprocess at the location of these files.

  5. Now you can run 'make' to build the source.


Some handy make targets for developers. Note that many of the development make targets are in dev-utils/Makefile-inc
  • make check-perl
    Runs 'perl -cw' against all the perl modules and scripts to check for syntax errors.
  • make deploy-test
    Builds and installs the current working version of the code on (assuming you have ssh and sudo acccess). Note that this will overwrite any installation with the same version.
  • make dist
    Build the distribution tarball.
  • make install-force
    A normal install won't overwrite configuration or template files, but install-force will.
  • make jar
    Build the GridShibCA-*.jar file.
  • make perl-unit-tests
    Runs the perl unit tests.
  • make publish-dist
    Generates a distribution and uploads it to sourceforge.
  • make publish-doc
    Generates any documentation and uploads it to sourceforge.
  • make test
    Build code in working directory and runs a variety of tests.
  • make test-dist
    builds the distribution, unpacks it in a temporary directory, builds it, installs it in another temporary directory and runs post-install tests. Uses script "test/"
  • make test-post-install
    After an install, runs a variety of tests against the install coded, culminating in actually issuing a certificate. Requires root privileges.
  • make truststore
    Rebuilds the Java truststore