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The GridShib-CA uses the file gridshib-ca.conf, in the default configuration directory, to control a number of configuration options, including:

  • What PERL modules are used to accomplish tasks, allowing deployment modification of behavior;

  • Syslog options to control how the GridShib-CA logs;

  • Locations of files including the CA certificate, private key;

  • Where issued certificates are stored.

By default the values in the file should work without modification. The file is commented and self-documenting, so all the options are not described here. The general form of the file looks like the following:

# Format version of this configuration file
ConfigVersion = 2

Path = /tmp/

Variable = ${Path}/gridshib-ca

A pound character (#) indicates a comment. Everything from the # to the end of the line is ignored.

A string such a $(var) is replaced with the variable as defined elsewhere in the section or outside the section at the "top level" of the configuration file.

The configuration is parsed with the Config::General module. For details, please see its documentaion.